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Homemade Potato Salad

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Summer is the season for cool, refreshing salads and afternoon picnics. I’m excited to share secrets for simple, yet delicious, salads. And making homemade salad dressing is easier than you think. Dressings are whipped up in minutes, stay fresh in the refrigerator for several days and are extremely versatile. Click to continue reading my Four-Step Guide to Dressings.

Instructions for Homemade Potato Salad

Boil 6 to 8 cubed Yukon gold potatoes and in a pot of water until the cubes are slightly softened; drain. Chop 4 to 6 hard-boiled eggs. Combine the potatoes and egg in a large glass bowl.

For the dressing, mix 1 cup of mayonnaise, with ½-cup of dijon mustard in a bowl. (I should note that I love the real-deal, rich, creamy egg mayo. For this recipe I used the Spectrum brand.)

Season with 1 teaspoon each of celery seed and mustard seed; add salt and pepper to taste. Add a drizzle of honey. Blend well. Stir this into the potatoes and egg. Refrigerate until chilled. Dust with paprika before serving.

Egg yolks contain essential omega-3 fatty acids that are important for the brain, heart and vision. 

You can use this heart-healthy dressing to make chicken salad, as a vegetable dip or to serve with salmon. (see the online digital version here with more pictures)

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Source: All material is copyrighted and is excerpted  from The Art of Gluten-Free Living. by Patricia Wilson and Easy, Easy Salads by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine. All rights reserved. Photo by Sarah Miller for IN Magazine.

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