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Weekend Barbecue

Veggie Kabobs with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

You can’t have a barbecue without great ingredients and your own signature sauces.

The backyard barbecue, like everything in life, is a team effort. Since my husband, Jack, is a wonderful griller, I thankfully accept his talents as the grill master.

I have, however, mastered the art of shopping for the grill and making sauces for grilled meats. When selecting chicken, beef, pork and lamb, I look for grass-fed, free-range meats . . . (continue reading online here).


Homemade barbecue sauces require four components: a tomato base, ingredients to add tanginess, ingredients to add sweetness and ingredients to add a spicy kick. (click here to read my ‘no-recipe’ approach)

My secret ingredient for the Honey Mustard dipping sauce is a splash of Chardonnay. Get all four of my sauce recipes here.

Honey Mustard

Homemade Texas Barbecue

Creole Remoulade

Raspberry Sauce

Don’t worry about making mistakes. Sauces are practically fool proof. Enjoy!


Source: “Getting Saucy” by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine. Visit Photo by Patricia Wilson. Excerpted and adapted from “The Art of Gluten-Free Living” by Patricia Wilson, available online at Barnes and Noble ( and on Amazon ( Visit Patricia at

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