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Comfort Foods

Hot Three-Cheese Crab Dip・Stuffed Sweet Potatoes・Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash・Mini Chicken Sausage Loaves. On a chilly day, nothing satisfies like comfort foods. My feel-good favorites offer quite a bit of nutritional value (see how and why). And, for some, with just a bit of tweaking you can increase their nutritional benefits.

The best part of comfort food is the enjoyment of sharing it with loved ones. Simple pleasures are really the best!

RECIPES (all online here; they are all free of gluten and grain)


If you love homemade meatloaf but limit the amount of read meat you consume, make this version using chicken sausage instead. By adding vegetables, each little loaf becomes a meal in itself. See the Ingredients List and Instructions here.


For the tomato sauce, start with prepared organic sauce free of sugar, starches and gluten. Then add splashes of red wine, red wine vinegar, and maple syrup plus garlic powder and salt to taste. Continue reading the recipe online here.


Cheese gets a bad rap, but genuine cheeses have essential vitamins and minerals including omega-3 fats, which are important for a healthy heart and brain. The trick is to make sure your cheese is real and is made from the milk of grass-fed cows that are not treated with growth hormones.

Crab is an excellent source of protein and is high in vitamin B. Like cheese, make sure you select real crab and not imitation. Fake crab often contains sugars, starches, fillers, and not very much crab. Read the Crab Dip Recipe online here.


Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, a strong antioxidant, and vitamin A. These nutrients are beneficial for our immune system and skin. The trick is to enjoy it in moderation. See how I made a Stuffed Sweet Potato here.

I have over 75 recipes in my book, The Art of Gluten-Free Living, a holistic resource guide for the mind, body and spirit.

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Learn how the seemingly separate areas of being well, eating well, and living well are unified and inextricably intertwined for an amazing new perspective on living beautifully!

My blend of common sense, cutting edge science, food nutrition, energy and environment, provide a revolutionary approach to the way we think, feel, heal and live – starting with the soul level.


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Source: Excerpted and adapted from Comfort Foods by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine. Photos by Patricia Wilson. Visit and


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