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How to Make Delicious Cookies (Gfree)

Coconut Filled Cookies photo by Sarah Miller for IN Magazine

These tiny bite-sized cookies are grain-free, made with coconut flour. Strong enough to hold your favorite filling yet deliciously moist and chewy. My Filled Coconut Cookie Recipe is online here. I filled these with my favorite fruit preserves, pumpkin pie filling, and lemon curd.

Your holiday party is your gift to your guests. With my healthy tips below, you are giving the enduring gift of empowerment.

Click to read my Filled Coconut Cookie Recipe online at IN Magazine.


DAIRY For those who are lactose-intolerant, whole milk substitutes include non-dairy nut, rice, coconut and soy milks. Flavored with chocolate or vanilla, these ingredients are easy to work into desserts.

SUGAR Instead of using refined sugar in dishes, use maple syrup, honey, stevia, date paste or mashed banana. Fruit spreads also offer concentrated flavor.

FAT Excellent sources of healthy fat, depending on the recipe, are coconut oil, nut butters and even a little mashed avocado. None of these have cholesterol.

GRAIN For those who need gluten-free food, finding a substitute for wheat flour can be tricky. Some need to skip refined grains completely. Nut flours, such as coconut or almond flour, can work well in baking.


I have more recipes in my book, The Art of Gluten-Free Living, available online here. This makes a great gift for anyone who wants to learn how to go gfree beyond the symbol on the label.

The Art of Eating Well 

Learn how to understand and interpret food labels beyond the GF symbol. Learn to look for hidden gluten and identify the best foods for the celiac diet including which foods cross-react, anti-inflammatory and detox foods, nutritional info, and healing spices.

Includes over 75 recipes, Patricia’s favorite food brands, and resources for food shopping, research and education.

Art of Gluten-Free Living by


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Source: Excerpted and adapted from Reimagined Recipes by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine. Cookie photo by Sarah Miller. Book photo by Patricia Wilson. Visit and



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