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Ready for the Party?


Whether it’s family, friends or business, I have lots of ideas for entertaining or contributing to a potluck party. Best of all, my recipes are free of gluten and grain, and use maple syrup or honey in lieu of sugar, and most are dairy-free.

I’ve updated perennial holiday favorites — eggnog, cranberry, pumpkin and cookies so you can relax and enjoy!

Your holiday party is your gift to your guests. With these healthy treats, you are giving the enduring gift of empowerment.

Consider Health Benefits: Research shows that nearly 65 percent of people are cutting back on lactose, gluten and sugar. Consumers have a high food IQ and are interested in health benefits of foods such as turmeric, coconut milk, bone broth and lactose-free milk.


Some neurologists also recommend eliminating gluten as part of a strategy to improve brain health, prevent diabetes and assist those who have autism.

It is an exquisite gourmet gift that feeds your body and nourishes your soul from the inside out.

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Cranberry Pudding

Pumpkin Pudding

Filled Cookies


Cherries in Wine Sauce

Pumpkin Custard

Coconut Meringues

Chocolate Mousse


Click on the links above to read the recipes.

Many of my recipes are from my book, The Art of Gluten-Free Living, and you can check that out here.


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Source: Excerpted and adapted from Reimagined Recipes and The Gift of Gluten-Free Living by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine. Copyrighted material; all rights reserved. Photo by Sarah Miller. Book image by Patricia Wilson. Visit and


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  1. I am so appreciative of your gluten free recipes as I’m still trying to adapt.


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