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Color Your World!

How to use color in interior design. The energies of color have amazing influence on our lives. Color is a language all its own, a wordless vocabulary that communicates through feelings. Simply put, color affects our moods, perceptions and behaviors.

Using color requires a thoughtful strategy. When color is used successfully, the result is pure magic. (. . . click to continue reading Color Your World online).

Your home communicates volumes about your values and family culture. Make sure you are using the right colors in the right way to express your highest and most beautiful truths.

Enjoy my Guide to Colors online at IN Magazine by clicking here.


In my Guide to Color, explore the meanings behind Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, TurquoiseBlue, Purple, and White for interior design and for yourself!




Be sure to share this valuable tool for living beautifully with your friends by forwarding or sharing online. 

If you prefer the PDF, you can download it here: Color Your World color-your-world-by-patricia-wilson-for-in-magazine

I hope this serves you!

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Source: Excerpted and adapted from Color Your World by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine. Photo Credit: IN Magazine/Shutterstock.  Visit and


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