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How to Make a Ramekin Cake

Chocolate Ramekin Cake by PatriciaCWilson

Cacao has a positive influence on brain chemistry and is a natural mood-booster. And coconut has a myriad of benefits! Who knew gfree could taste so good!

A fresh perspective on chocolate is a great way to bring unexpected pleasure into your day. Enjoy my recipe for Chocolate Almond Ramekin Cake.

Click here to see how to make this Chocolate Almond ramekin cake.


Cacao is chocolate in its raw, minimally processed form. Native to South America, the cacao tree was revered by the Aztecs. Cacao is considered to be a super food.

It is naturally rich in antioxidants, magnesium, iron and calcium. The less processing and refining chocolate undergoes, the more nutrients it retains. Cacao in the forms of powder, nibs and bars offers a wealth of nutrients and is great for baking.


Coconut flour is a great alternative to wheat flour because it is not a grain and it is high in fiber.

Coconut oil benefits the body and brain in countless ways and is an excellent alternative to butter in baking because it adds nice moisture.

Coconut palm sugar when blended with peanut butter creates a wonderful grainy fudge-like texture.

Recipe for Chocolate Almond Ramekin Cake

I have more recipes in my book, The Art of Gluten-Free Living.

Learn how the seemingly separate areas of being well, eating well, and living well are unified and inextricably intertwined for an amazing new perspective on living beautifully!

My blend of common sense, cutting edge science, food nutrition, energy and environment, provide a revolutionary approach to the way we think, feel, heal and live – starting with the soul level.


The Art of Gluten-Free with bowl of roses by PatriciaCWilson

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I hope you enjoy this and that it serves you!

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Source: Excerpted and adapted from Craving Chocolate by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine. Photo by Patricia Wilson. Visit and


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