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Hottest Home Trends for 2017


2017 home fashion trends are inspired by cloud technology, social causes, a holistic lifestyle, multiculturalism and even finely crafted artisanal beer.

What happens socially, economically, politically and environmentally drives home fashion trends.

Read HOTTEST HOME TRENDS for 2017 online here.

What’s trending for interior design in 2017? An exciting and refreshing mix of pattern, lots of texture and an abundance of color!

Geometric Patterns and shades of Blue-Gray and Gray. Electric colors, such as orange, energize. Look for stunning reds, bright pinks and bold corals.

The emphasis is on sunny yellow and golden amber shades that are inspired by an appreciation for craft beers.

Plant-based browns and leafy greens soothe.

Hottest Home Trends for 2017 Green by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine; Image by Shutterstock 290602661


Continue to read Hottest Home Trends online here.


PCW Branding & Signature in aqua green as PNG copy


Source: Excerpted and adapted from Hottest Home Trends by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine. Images IN Magazine/Shutterstock. Visit and


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  1. Brilliant article, Patricia!!! 🙂 xx


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