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4 Keys for a Fresh Table!

1. How to cook for and accommodate guests with special diets. 2. About the gluten-free lifestyle. 3. Where to shop for the best meats and seafoods. 4. Garden recipes. (Links Inside) From my heart to yours. Enjoy!


Physicians often recommend those with digestive issues, autoimmune conditions including arthritis, inflammatory problems and women’s conditions such as infertility, PMS and endometriosis to eliminate foods with gluten.

Some neurologists also recommend eliminating gluten as part of a strategy to improve brain health, prevent diabetes and assist those who have autism. (continue to read “The Gift of Gluten-Free Living” online, with recipes).

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These days, your guest list is likely to include a mix of eaters who are vegan, paleo, gluten-free, lactose intolerant or have a peanut allergy.

By taking into account my tips and substitute ingredients, you can meet the challenge of accommodating the food needs of everyone and still serve delicious and healthy treats. (continue to read the article “Reimagined Recipes” online)


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Summer is the season for cool, refreshing salads and afternoon picnics. I’m excited to share secrets for simple, yet delicious, salads. And making homemade salad dressing is easier than you think. Dressings are whipped up in minutes, stay fresh in the refrigerator for several days and are extremely versatile. (continue reading “Easy Easy Salads” online with recipes and Dressing Guide)


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Verdant green, bright orange and deep purple are some of the vibrant colors in spring’s vegetable garden. As we celebrate spring, consider a stunning vegetable buffet. Mother Nature’s colorful palette is a feast for the eyes. (continue reading “From The Garden” with recipes, online).


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It’s summertime and the living is easy, healthy and delicious. Nothing turns a lazy summer day into a celebration like fresh fruit, cobbler and ice cream.

Freshly picked berries and peaches go from garden to backyard barbecue with more versatility than you might think. Fruit salad, a picnic staple, becomes a delectable delight when paired with a silky dipping sauce. Grilled chicken and fish take on a tangy taste with fruit-based salsa. (continue reading “Raising the Bar” with recipes, online).


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When selecting chicken, beef, pork and lamb, I look for grass-fed, free-range meats from animals raised without hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Buying from local farmers and ranchers is best. To learn more about grass-fed animals and to find a pasture-based farm, visit Eat Wild at

I look for seafood that is harvested in the wild and is free of antibiotics. To learn about seafood from the wild, visit Food and Water Watch at (continue reading “Getting Saucy” online, with grilling sauce recipes).


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Learn how the seemingly separate areas of being well, eating well, and living well are unified and inextricably intertwined for an amazing new perspective on living beautifully!

My blend of common sense, cutting edge science, food nutrition, energy and environment, provide a revolutionary approach to the way we think, feel, heal and live – starting with the soul level.

The Art of Gluten-Free Living is available online:

Apple    Google Play    Amazon    Barnes and Noble    Half Price Books    Books-A-Million    IndieBound   


Happy Spring to you. I hope this serves you well. Enjoy!




Source: Copyrighted material; all rights reserved. Excerpted and adapted from Easy, Easy Salads, Raising The Bar, From the Garden, The Gift of Gluten-Free Living, Reimagined Recipes, Getting Saucy, all by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine, with additional excerpts and adaptations from The Art of Gluten-Free Living by Patricia Wilson. Visit All images by Patricia Wilson. Visit


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