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How to Go Gluten-Free This Summer


The Art of Gluten-Free with bowl of roses by PatriciaCWilson

If you’re interested in giving the glutenfree lifestyle a try this summer, my book is a holistic resource guide for the mind, body and spirit with LOTS of resources! It’s #BeWell #EatWell #LiveWell, including a section on Interior Design.


Learn how the seemingly separate areas of being well, eating well, and living well are unified and inextricably intertwined for an amazing new perspective on living beautifully!

My blend of common sense, cutting edge science, food nutrition, energy and environment, provide a revolutionary approach to the way we think, feel, heal and live – starting with the soul level.

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The Art of Being Well

Explore the new sciences of epigenetics, brain science, and heart intelligence. Includes a special section for women. Learn the basics of the body’s energy centers and how to use them for healing.

The Art of Eating Well 

Learn how to understand and interpret food labels beyond the GF symbol. Learn to look for hidden gluten and identify the best foods for the celiac diet including which foods cross-react, anti-inflammatory and detox foods, nutritional info, and healing spices

The Art of Living Well

Learn how the body and mind relate to the built environment and how interior design and color science can significantly impact our sense of well-being.

Learn how the body’s energy centers amazingly correspond to the energy centers of our home. Includes interior design advice, resources for worldwide GF travel, Patricia’s favorite skin care and cosmetics brands and where to shop for household products.


The Art of Gluten-Free Living

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It is my sincere wish that this serves you well. Enjoy!


Source: Patricia Wilson. Visit


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