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Rich Red!

This year – in terms of interior design – is all about exploration and discovery, casual living, opulent touches and balance. Look for stunning reds, bright pinks and bold corals. Sophisticated neutrals encourage us to daydream and to focus on the beauty of the moment. (continue reading “Hottest Home Trends” online).

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is Shadow, a magnificent amethyst reminiscent of mystery and mood.

The Benjamin Moore  2017 collection offers a sophisticated palette with enticing color names that suit our lifestyle: Dinner Party (rich red), Gentleman’s Gray (deep blue-gray), Wish (ethereal taupe), Sea Star (a pretty aqua), Sea Life (lilac-gray) and Etruscan (a gorgeous gold).


Hottest Home Trends for 2017 Red by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine Image by Shutterstock

Red is appropriate for cars, logos and sale signs. Powerful, exciting and sexy, red demands attention. Interiors with too much red, the wrong shade of red or feature red used in the wrong way invoke anger, aggression and even panic. (Continue reading about the meaning of the color red).


RED Red energizes our connection to our roots and with feelings of security, stability and resiliency. The red spectrum ranges from mellow merlot to faded rose.

Red mixed with tones of cinnamon, spices, stone or terracotta create feelings of support, warmth and being grounded. Dining rooms are great places for strategic touches of red.

Spaces in taupe and brown feel warm. (continue reading “Guide To Color” online)

I hope this serve you well!



Source: Copyrighted Material. Excerpted and adapted from Hottest Home Trends and Color Your World both by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine.  Image Credit: Shutterstock/IN Magazine. Visit and




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  1. Read is such a great way to add energy be it in the environment or on your person.

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