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Clean Food: Kabobs and the Sauce Recipes To Go With Them

You can master the art of the cookout with two secrets to success: great ingredients and signature sauces. Beef, chicken and pork contain B vitamins and the important minerals calcium, iron and zinc. Tuna, cod and shrimp contain calcium, protein, magnesium and essential heart-healthy omega-3 fats.


Click the links below to read “Getting Saucy” online, with recipes.

Veggie Kabobs with Homemade Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce



Shrimp Kabobs with Homemade Barbecue Sauce


Shrimp Kabobs by

Fruit Kabobs with Homemade Raspberry Dipping Sauce (cooking video)


Fruit Kabob photo by Sarah Miller for IN Magazine Visit

Catch all three articles with recipes online in Getting Saucy for IN Magazine.

When selecting chicken, beef, pork and lamb, I look for grass-fed, free-range meats from animals raised without hormones, steroids or antibiotics. I look for seafood that is harvested in the wild and is free of antibiotics.

I make sauces using a simple no-recipe approach. Sauces dress up cookouts and transform seafood, meats and grilled vegetables from ordinary to extraordinary.

Using a well-stocked pantry, anyone can quickly whip up a barbecue sauce or marinade. I keep prepared mustards, mayo, tomato paste and fruit preserves on hand. When combining these ingredients with organic spices, oils and simple vinegars, there is no limit to creativity.

Gluten-Free Living with daisy by

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Source: Copyrighted material; all rights reserved. Excerpted and adapted from “Getting Saucy” by Patricia Wilson for IN Magazine. Veggie Kabob and Fruit Kabob photos by Sarah Miller for IN Magazine. Shrimp Kabob and Book photos by Patricia Wilson. Visit and


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