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My Art is Now Available Online!

Today I’m sharing good news! I’m thrilled that the art gallery in Dallas made my art available onlineYou can download my portfolio and shop directly through the gallery’s site, and a portion of my proceeds benefits our local Habitat for Humanity here in Texas.

Here is a snapshot of some of my work – mainly florals in acrylic or watercolors, some with metallic, and a 3-D textured quality.

Patricia Wilson Art Portfolio Golden web.png


Download my portfolio, GOLDEN: Painting Nature’s Golden Mean.

PCW Golden Cover.png


Patricia Wilson was born with a passion for flowers, color, and the ocean.

Her artwork, paintings, and designs are based on nature’s spectacular Golden Mean, also known as Sacred Geometry, that is inherent in every leaf, petal, and shell.


PCW Headshot by Greg Kaspar low-res


As a designer, artist, textile designer, and published author her mission is to bring more beauty to the world and to inspire, empower, and uplift people through her art.


A portion of her proceeds benefits Habitat for Humanity of Smith County, Texas.



THANK YOU! Thank you all for following my blog and for your support of my art. I appreciate you!




Source: Copyrighted Material; all rights reserved. Artwork by Patricia Wilson. Portrait by Greg Kaspar. Visit


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2 thoughts on “My Art is Now Available Online!

  1. Wonderful news, my dear friend, just WONDERFUL!!!! I wish you all the best!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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