Tastes of Summer: Recipe Downloads

It’s summertime and the living is easy, healthy and delicious. Nothing turns a lazy summer day into a celebration like fresh fruit, cobbler and ice cream.

Freshly picked berries and peaches go from garden to backyard barbecue with more versatility than you might think.

Fruit salad, a picnic staple, becomes a delectable delight when paired with a silky dipping sauce. Grilled chicken and fish take on a tangy taste with fruit-based salsa.

I’ve given cobbler and ice cream, both summer classics, a modern twist to make these treats available to those enjoying a diet free of dairy, grain, gluten and refined sugar.

DOWNLOAD the RECIPES! (the link is below)



Copyrighted material; all rights reserved.

Excerpted and adapted from “Raising the Bar” by Patricia Wilson for LIFESTYLES Magazine/Tyler Morning Telegraph

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