Framing Magic Moments

Magic Moments - Shadowboxing

Ideas for all those summer vacation photos!  A fabulous way to preserve these treasures is to frame them.

Download the PDF of Magic Moments – Shadowboxing

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Our lives are rich with stories preserved in family photos, momentos, and certificates of accomplishment.

I have boxes filled with pictures of the kids, wedding and birth announcements, and love notes from my husband.

My flash drive is home to all those vacation pictures. A file folder houses handwritten recipes.

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On a recent home tour, I saw a spectacular “Ancestry Wall” with framed photos of several generations, brides and grooms, children, families.

These are the moments that make up our life, our wonderful time alive with each other. Framing recognizes the significance of these moments and creates a visual celebration.

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Download the PDF of Magic Moments – Shadowboxing

You can read the entire story in LIFESTYLES Magazine online here (on Issuu beginning on page 64).

For my friends outside of the US, in case the links don’t allow you to read (for privacy reasons), I posted a PDF version on my website.

There is no better way to preserve beloved treasures than to frame and display them.

I hope you enjoy the inspiration!


Source: Copyrighted Material; All Rights Reserved. Excerpted and adapted from “Magic Moments” by Patricia Wilson for LIFESTYLES Magazine/Tyler Morning Telegraph.



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