Turn Your Home into a Gallery

What you need to know about buying and hanging art.


Understand Value

Envision Your Look

Emotional IQ

Size Matters


Set Goals


Functional Art

Before you shop for art, determine your goal.

Are you buying it for enjoyment? Is it for investment value and future sale? Are you building a private collection? Do you create your own art?

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Functional art goes beyond the aesthetic of two-dimensional visual art because it is useful. The utilitarian is elevated to the beautiful.

Crafted by artisans, functional art includes mosaics, tapestries, area rugs, a sculptural fountain, stained glass and pottery, with many, many more expressions of creativity that are useful in the very day – where useful includes the functional, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and beyond.

Hopefully great art will transport us!

Beautiful architecture is a fine example of functional art.

I hope you enjoy this! I loved writing it.

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Excerpted and adapted from “Turn Your Home into a Gallery” by Patricia Wilson for LIFESTYLES Magazine/Tyler Morning Telegraph.

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