Space to Flourish

Our homes need to be updated periodically, just like technology and our wardrobes, because we change and grow. Now is the perfect time to declutter, organize, and update your home or just make little positive changes.  The process of interior design transformation is magical because it is one of discovery and passion. Life changes are goldenContinue reading “Space to Flourish”

Home Spirit

THE SPIRIT OF YOUR HOME begins with you! And where you are in life right now. Contemporary interior design belongs to the now. It’s your interpretation and expression. The Experience. The Feel. The Look. Have fun with it! Download the PDF “Functional Freestyling” below: Source: Copyrighted Material; all rights reserved. Excerpted and adapted from “Functional Freestyling”Continue reading “Home Spirit”

Art Underfoot – All About Area Rugs

See what happens when you put an amazing rug in a room. Whether you are redecorating your home to reflect your evolving tastes or building a home from scratch, selecting a rug is an important element of interior design. Download the PDF to read more: ART UNDERFOOT Source: Copyrighted Material; All Rights Reserved. Excerpted andContinue reading “Art Underfoot – All About Area Rugs”

Past Perfect: Antiques

There’s nothing quite like the fun of a treasure hunt for antiques. Download the PDF: Past Perfect – Antiques “By appreciation, we make excellence in others our own property.” ~Voltaire Casual, Formal, New, Old. Antique Love! Source: Copyrighted Material; All Rights Reserved. Excerpted and Adapted from “Past Perfect” by Patricia Wilson for LIFESTYLES Magazine. VisitContinue reading “Past Perfect: Antiques”

Fresh Breeze – Transforming Your Outdoor Spaces

Since many of us are doing staycations this August instead of vacations, I want to share my tips for transforming your outdoor spaces into a backyard oasis.   Transform your backyard into a private oasis by turning to nature for inspiration. The natural elements of earth, air, fire and water provide what is needed forContinue reading “Fresh Breeze – Transforming Your Outdoor Spaces”